If you've spent a bit of money on scenery for FSX then you need an airplane that actually lets you enjoy it. The Drifter ultralight aircraft, with it's forward seating position, provides extraordinary visibility for the pilot. This particular rendition is based on 24-455 and is a virtual nuts and bolts recreation of the real aircraft.
Requires Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or Gold.
FlightSimStore Price $19.95 AUD
PCAviator Australia Price $19.95 AUD
Simmarket Price 17.25 EUR (14.20 EUR without tax)
FSPilotShop Price $20.95 USD
PCAviator USA
Just Flight

Click here for screenshots and more information.

NEWS > EAGLET LSA Version 1.1 available now
Version 1.1 is now available for download from your user account at the retailer you originally bought the Eaglet from. Version 1.1 is a small service update that fixes the flaps, autopilot disconnect and fuel pump sounds as well as reducing the wind noise levels. The nav com radio will now stop broadcasting when switched off. Finally, typos in the documentation have been fixed.
If you don't have the Eaglet yet you can click here ( Eaglet LSA page) for screenshots and a download link for the demo version.
This is an addon aircraft for Flight Simulator X so you must have Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or Gold. If in doubt download the demo to see how well it runs on your system.

FlightSimStore Price $19.95 AUD
Simmarket Price 17.25 EUR (14.20 without tax)
PC Aviator Australia Price $19.95 AUD
PC Aviator USA Price $19.95 USD
FS PilotShop Price $19.95 USD
Just Flight

Version 1.3 is now available for download. You can download the new 1.3 installer program from your user account at the retailer you originally bought the Sierra from. If you are unsure of the current version you have installed simply open the Sierra Pilot's Handbook and the version number will be written in the header information of each page.
Version 1.3 includes a new lotus style landing light (as seen on the Eaglet). The standalone Sierra Setup program has been replaced with an improved in game Animation Manager panel which now allows you to save your preferences from within FSX. Click here for more info about the Sierra LSA

FlightSimStore Price $19.95 AUD
SimMarket Price 17.25 EUR (14.20 EUR without tax)
FSPilotShop Price $18.75USD
PCAviator Australia Price $19.95 AUD
PCAviator USA
Just Flight

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NEWS > T-28A TROJAN Donationware and T-28B&C V1.1 and T-28D Version 2.1 FOR FLIGHT SIMULATOR X (Feb 2014)
Available now is the new T-28A version. The T-28A was originally built for the US Air Force after World War II as a primary trainer and has a smaller 7 cylinder 800 horsepower engine compared to the 9 cylinder 1425 horsepower engine in the T-28B/C and D.  The T-28A is available as donationware. There are no limitations of the T-28A and you are free to download and enjoy this aircraft. If you do enjoy it then why not make a donation to or These sites provide a great resource for freeware and rely entirely on donations to fund the thousands of dollars it takes each year to operate a website. The T-28A replaces the demo versions of the T-28B/C and D and can be used by prospective purchasers of the T-28B/C or D to determine how well they will perform on their computer system.

If you enjoy the T-28A but would like a bit more power then Ant’s Airplanes sells the T-28B/C and D as two packages. The original T-28D package and the new T-28B and C package. The T-28B and C features weapons systems, fully detailed virtual cockpits including rain, icing and fog effects and engine damage modelling. Updated Version 1.1 of the T-28B&C and Version 2.1 of the T-28D is now available from your retailer account for existing T-28B/C/D owners.

Download T-28A Donationware (140MB)

T-28B&C V1.11 patch
There is a bug with the engine starter switch in V1.1 of the T-28B&C which prevents it working. Download this patch and run it if you have installed the T28B&C V1.1 (always check the version number by looking at the top of each page of the Pilot's Handbook).
Click here for more info about the T-28.

FlightSimStore           Buy T-28D   Buy T-28B&C   Price $19.95 AUD each
Simmarket                  Buy T-28D   Buy T-28B&C   Price 18.45 EUR (15.50 without tax)  each
FS PilotShop              Buy T-28D   Buy T-28B&C   Price $19.95 USD each
PC Aviator USA         Buy T-28D   Buy T-28B&C   Price $19.95 USD each
Just Flight                    Buy T-28D   Buy T-28B&C  Various currencies available
PC Aviator Australia  Buy T-28D   Buy T-28B&C   Price $19.95 AUD each


The release of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D V2 has raised the question of which products from Ant’s Airplanes are compatible with P3D V2. To ensure compatibility with P3D V2 it is necessary to check each aircraft and modify it as necessary. Currently the only aircraft that have been modified and tested to work in P3D V2 are the T-28A, T-28B/C V1.1 and T-28D V2.1. Hopefully in the coming year other aircraft will be modified and tested for P3D V2 compatibility.

It is possible for users to install other aircraft into P3D by simply changing the installation directory to C:/Program Files(x86)/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v2. If you are considering purchasing any aircraft from Ant’s Airplanes for use in P3D V2 it is essential that you download the demo version and install that into the Prepar3D v2 directory to test if the demo works (the Drifter demo will not have any sound in P3D as the sounds are aliased to the Trike and this isn’t part of P3D V2). Note however that Ant’s Airplanes cannot guarantee that any unmodified and untested aircraft will work in P3D V2.

Users of Prepar3D V1.4 or earlier may try to install the FSX versions into the Prepar3D folder (see above). P3D V2 aircraft are NOT compatible with P3D V1.4 or earlier or FSX. There will never be special Prepar3D V1.4 or earlier versions of any of Ant’s Airplanes.

At the time of writing P3D V2.1 seems to have a number of problems with memory management and it is impossible to guarantee that any addon will work in V2.1. If in doubt test the demo first.