Normally on product pages like this you would see a lot of guff about how “realistic” the aircraft model is and how it is built to the “highest standards”. Well, I think the best way to evaluate a product is not with a load of advertising BS but with a free demo which you download here:


With this demo you can find out exactly how well the Sierra will run on your particular system. The demo includes the full documentation and is the same as the full version except for the following things:
- Demo written in inconvenient places to encourage you to buy the full version
- Only one livery
- Propeller does not spin

The demo version has been updated to reflect the changes included with the version 1.3 update.

Read the AVSIM review of the Sierra at

Special thanks to Greg Neale from airsportqld at Boonah for his help. Visit the Scenery page to download some free scenery for Boonah.

VERSION 1.3 update includes the following changes:
- New lotus style landing light.
- Sierra Setup program replaced by new improved Animation Manager (see below for more info).
- New realistic prop torque effect.
- Fixed Hobbs meter display in RXP version.
- Improved wiskey compass animation.
- Reworked LOD models.

If you recently purchased the Sierra your installer should be called AntsSierraV130.exe which indicates you have version 1.3. To find out what version you have installed just open the Pilot’s Handbook, the version number is written in the header of each page.

Firstly, you will need to download the new installer (AntsSierraV130.exe). Log on to your user account at the store you bought the Sierra from. You should then be able to download the new installer file from your user account. If you have installed any repaints then make a note of the FLTSIM entries from the aircraft.cfg. You will need to reenter these FLTSIM entries into the new aircraft.cfg file was the installer has finished installing version 1.3. Now, run the installer (AntsSierraV130.exe) and follow the onscreen instructions. The installer is a complete version of the Sierra and should install directly over the existing version without any problems so there is no need to uninstall any previous version.


AIRPLANES > SIERRA LSA available now. Payware
Ant’s Airplanes is pleased to announce the release of the Sierra LSA addon aircraft for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X. This aircraft is the first payware product I have released and I hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to download the demo version and go for a test fly.

FlightSimStore Price $19.95 AUD
SimMarket Price 17.25 EUR (14.20 EUR without tax)
FSPilotShop Price $18.75USD
PCAviator Australia Price $19.95 AUD
PCAviator USA
Just Flight

The Sierra is a sleek lightweight 2 seater modern aircraft constructed in Italy from aluminium sheeting over a steel frame. The aircraft uses the 100hp Rotax 912 engine and will happily cruise at over 110kts. Even though the aircraft is not cleared for aerobatics it still displays stable, agile handling, crisp control response and excellent take off and climb rate performance.

Primarily designed as a trainer in the new light sport aircraft category it also makes a good cross country tourer with a range of over 600NM.

- Native FSX model with bump and specular maps
- Highly detailed Virtual Cockpit with full animations and mouse control (you can even open and close the air vents)
- Virtual Cockpit rain effects (with exterior rain effects on canopy)
- Silky smooth 3D gauges
- Custom radios package
- 10 Liveries included. 2 Australian, 2 New Zealand and 1 UK plus 5 that allow the user to set the registration number
- Animation Manager controls display of pilot, passenger, joystick, wheel covers, tiedowns, pitot covers. You can even control whether the pilot or passenger wears sunglasses.
- Special model that provides compatibility with the 3rd party Reality XP 530 or 430 GPS (note: the RXP GPS is not included) as well as allowing additional avionics to be installed
- Full lighting including Instrument, Strobe, Nav and Landing lights
- Tested by genuine Sierra pilots
- Pilot's Handbook and Quick Start guide included
- Please note that there is no 2D panel with this aircraft
- High quality realistic sounds
- Paintkit available (download here (90MB in photoshop format))


Version 1.3 adds a new improved Animation Manager panel which performs the functions originally performed by the separate Sierra Setup program (the Sierra Setup program is not included with version 1.3, if you are upgrading from an earlier version to 1.3 you will still be able to access the Sierra Setup program as the installation of 1.3 does not delete the Sierra Setup program. It is recommended that you do not use the Sierra Setup program anymore as the files it generates are not completely compatible with the new Animation Manager).
The new Animation Manager allows you to edit and save your preferences from within FSX. For some functions you will need to restart FSX to see the changes you have made (for example, changing the Window transparency settings requires a restart of FSX).