AIRPLANES > EAGLET VERSION 2.20 FOR FSX AND PREPAR3D. Payware (May 2017, updated Jun 2017)
The Eaglet light sport aircraft addon for Flight Simulator X is now available. This small high wing, all metal 2 seater is powered by a Rotax 912 engine and has a cruise speed of 105 kts. There are two different panel versions available. One with normal analog style gauges and the other with an Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS). These aircraft are based on the real world VH-DBJ and 24-7600 which are based at Fly Now Redcliffe. Special thanks to Mahl and the team at Redcliffe for their help in developing this aircraft.

Buy Direct (FastSpring) $10.95 USD
Buy Direct (SendOwl) $10.95 USD (not available for EU customers)
Simmarket 11.50 EUR without tax
Just Flight $12.95 USD
For more information about buying direct click here.

- Native FSX model
- Incredibly detailed model with full animations and completely clickable virtual cockpit
- Silky smooth 3D gauges
- Custom gauges including radios, GPS and autopilots
- Two different panel setups, EFIS glass cockpit and normal analog gauge cockpit
- Compatibility with the Flight1 650 and 750 GPS units (note, these are separate gauges sold by Flight1 and are not included with the Eaglet)
- Seasky floats version
- Lovely Lotus style landing lights
- Virtual cockpit rain effects
- Realistic Prop Torque effects
- 7 real world liveries plus 4 with user adjustable registration numbers
- Genuine engine sounds
- Hot swappable RPM (engine/prop rpm) and airspeed (knots/km/h) gauges
- Animations for tiedowns, wheel chocks and pitot covers
- Animated pilot and passenger models which can be displayed or hidden (pilot head individually switchable in VC)
- In game Animation Manager/Flight Manual
- Engine wear modelling
- Programmable failures match the Emergency Procedures in the Flight Manual

- Microsoft's Flight Simulator X SP2, Acceleration or FSX Gold
- Microsoft's Flight Simulator X:Steam Edition (FSX:SE)
- Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v1 to v5

The demo version of the Eaglet consists of the Seasky floats model version
Download the demo from here: (71MB)
With this demo you can find out exactly how well the Eaglet will run on your particular system. The demo includes the full documentation and is the same as the full version but is only the floats version. Everything else is exactly the same as it is in the full version.

The Eaglet comes in two basic panel configurations. A standard panel with steam gauges (left column of pictures below) and an Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) panel (right column). In addition, each panel can come with various radio stacks. The default GPS 296 uses a GPS that is based on the FSX GPS system. The Flight1 650 and 750 panel versions (which appear as F1650 and F1750 in the aircraft selection list) are setup to display the Flight1 GNS 650 or 750 GPS gauges.
Note: the Flight1 GPS gauges are additional 3rd party gauges and are not included with the Eaglet. They may be purchased separately from Flight1. If you select the F1650 or F1750 and do not have the Flight1 gauges then the GPS will appear black. You should only use the models with the default GPS 296 versions (the top two in the pictures below).

The Eaglet paintkit can be downloaded here: Eaglet Paintkit
The paintkit is approx 15 MB in size and contains layered textures saved in photoshop format. The paintkit uses an auto installer as this is able to compress the files to a very small size.


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